A Comprehensive Residential Rehabilitation Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

Program Highlights

Our two year program offers a wide variety of clinical services in a long-term residential treatment setting to help men and women struggling with substance use disorders learn to live a productive life in recovery.

Program Structure

Structure is the foundation of leading a healthy life in recovery. Recovery Ventures works on a phase system that provides additional responsibilities and privileges to associates as they advance through the program.

Clinical Services

In addition to the peer-based modality of treatment, in which the community is the agent of change, we also offer comprehensive clinical services to help individuals meet their goals of long-term sobriety.

The Program

Recovery Ventures Corporation is long term residential treatment for alcohol and drug abuse/dependence. The concept of combining a healthy, substance free environment, personal responsibilities and accountability, positive role models, emotional growth, community involvement, and aftercare, is proven to lead to opportunities to once again become healthy productive members of society.

Recovery is not easy. Every clinical staff member working at our facility is in recovery. We are all in this together and being in recovery ourselves we are able to understand the physical and emotional aspects of addiction and know what it takes to stay clean and sober. We know that “The only way to stay in recovery is by helping others to recover.”
The Recovery Ventures program is not easy. Nothing in our paperwork should give the impression that this is a rest and relaxation retreat. Recovery Ventures is a highly structured, supervised, and more often than not, a very demanding program.
Responsibility, proper conduct, ethical behavior, accountability and safety in the community are some of the aspects of our program. We are a diverse population, being of all races, genders, beliefs, origins, economic and social statuses. Recovery Ventures, like addiction, discriminates against no one. However, there are rules and regulations that need to be strictly adhered to by our associates at all times. Violations of established policies and procedures will result in accountability. It is not acceptable for any associate to feel unsafe.
All work and no play is not a formula that works for those of us in recovery. Although we are all required to work, and at times we work long and hard, we know the importance of leisure time activities. We value opportunities to enjoy various events on a regular basis. Some of these are made available to us through agencies that support our efforts in recovery. Associates earn privileges according to their progress in achieving program objectives toward recovery. Earning privileges involves dealing with emotional issues, acceptance of responsibilities, decision-making abilities and length of time in the program. 
Rebuilding relationships with children and family is a very important part of recovery. Most of our most significant relationships were damaged while in active addiction. Family issues can be improved with time, patience, and proof that we are making progress toward changing our behaviors. Our program takes a proactive role in reestablishing relationships through individual and group therapy sessions, as well as scheduled events that welcome families to visit our facilities and participate in our activities.
Service to the community is an important aspect of the Recovery Ventures program. Throughout the year, we volunteer our services to various different local and international organizations as a form of personal restitution for past behaviors.
The Choice is yours. The application process takes time, so the time to apply is now. Applications and autobiographies are reviewed prior to a personal interview. Interviews and done over the telephone and must be completed prior to the acceptance of any applicant. We accept and place applicants in our facilities as space becomes available. 

Common Contributing
Factors of Addiction


Past experiences leading to mental trauma may be the source of an addiction.


These are factors such as mental illness, divorce or drug/alcohol abuse.

Clinical Services

Genetic factors may play a contributing role in the cause of drug and alcohol addiction.


Sometimes challenging medical conditions may kickstart drug and alcohol abuse.

The Program Cost

Substance abuse treatment costs money, and unfortunately, the majority of us who need treatment have little or no money, no insurance, and in most cases, no one that is willing to help with the financial burdens of long-term substance abuse treatment. As stated earlier, you earn what you get at Recovery Ventures. Everything that you need will be provided for you through our organization. Recovery Ventures is a self-supporting, 501c(3) charitable organization as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. While the majority of our daily operational and administrative expenses are paid through the work all associates perform for our contract employers, any additional needs are met through tax deductible donations that we receive.
Recovery Ventures Corporation is entirely self-supporting. By this we mean that it is the responsibility of every associate to contribute to the daily operation and the generation of operational income that puts the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, the electricity, water and heat in our facilities, and keeps our doors open for others seeking recovery and a better way of life. In the “real world” each day involves getting out of bed, fixing meals, going to work, keeping the house clean, taking care of the younger ones (new associates), washing dishes, cutting the grass, meeting with friends, paying the bills, doing the homework and leisure activities. In the Recovery Ventures “World”, it works very much the same way with each individual paying his/her part to make it work.

Rehabilitation Phases

Structure Is The Foundation Of Leading A Healthy Life In Recovery

Our locations are strategically placed and structured to provide the perfect environment to aid in your journey of healing.

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Recovery Ventures is entirely self-supporting and does not solicit funds from any tax-based social programs. All operational income is earned through the work our associates perform with our life skills partners in the surrounding community. Any contributions are sincerely appreciated and used for the sole support of our mission. Please contact our office to arrange for donations of furniture, clothing, hygiene products, etc., or click on the button below to make a donation to our cause.



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