“Maybe you are here because you know and understand that you need something different out of life and you’re just not sure how or what. Maybe you’re doing this for everyone in the world…family, spouse, kids? Maybe the judge sent you here with no other choice other than this or jail. No matter what category you fall in to you are right where you need to be. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. For some reason you are here right where you belong. Take advantage of this gift in front of you. RVC is where you get your life back. You find yourself again, learn about yourself, re-establish lost and broken relationships, become independent, responsible, and productive. You will build bonds, make real, authentic relationships with people who actually care about you and not just for drugs, money, sex, or whatever you can give them. RVC is where all types of broken can be healed, all types of lost are found, and if you allow it…your dreams can be discovered and reached.”

L.V. – RVC Graduate

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