“I had been to at least twenty treatment centers. Overdosed multiple times. Several trips to jail. I’d been homeless, hungry, and lost more times than I could count. I was broken, scared, and hopeless. Regardless of the consequences, internal or external, I continued to use. The trust from my family was completely lost. My mother has had more sleepless nights than she can probably ever remember. I’d been around the country in search of treatment, spending exorbitant amounts of money trying to find a solution. I’d given up. Then I found Recovery Ventures… If I could go back and choose somewhere else to have gone, I wouldn’t. I needed exactly what RVC was offering in order to be whole. It has been an experience like no other, and I hope to continue it for a long while to come. I never imagined the self-worth, self-esteem, and motivation I have was even possible.”

M.D., RVC Associate

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