Dave Martin, Executive Director and CEO of Recovery Ventures Corporation, has announced that he is stepping down from his current leadership position in the organization to spend more time with his family. Dave will remain on as Founder, while Mike Fort has been named the new Executive Director and CEO.

Since founding Recovery Ventures in March of 2002, Dave has led the program for over 18 ½ years and touched countless lives in the process. Since its inception, Recovery Ventures has served over 2500 individuals seeking help from substance use disorders, many of whom have gone on to lead very fulfilling lives in recovery. Dave shares that “My vision for this program has far exceeded my wildest dreams and I am confident the program is in good hands with the existing leadership team I have developed.”

What began in a small red rental cabin in Ridgecrest, NC, has expanded into a licensed Therapeutic Community that operates eight facilities spread throughout Western North Carolina. Under Dave’s leadership, the program has combined comprehensive clinical services with the structure needed to provide a safe place for individuals to grow in recovery.

Dave’s new role will allow him to continue mentoring his staff through this leadership transition and weigh in on all major program decisions. We wish Dave and his family all the best and extend a heartfelt THANK-YOU for his vision and dedication in building Recovery Ventures Corporation.

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