The Truth

There are a lot of rumors about the Recovery Ventures program. Since you’re here reading this, there’s a good chance you or someone you love needs help. Recovery is a matter of life and death, so we wanted to take a moment to address these rumors and tell the truth. 

The truth is, recovery is hard. It takes work. It takes time. And for the residents of Recovery Ventures, it takes funding. Substance abuse treatment costs money, and unfortunately, most of us coming in from the streets have little or no money, no insurance, and not a lot of financial aid available. As such, Recovery Ventures has found a way to make long term treatment possible for thousands of recovering addicts. 

At Recovery Ventures, all of our residents are given jobs, and those jobs pay dividends towards the cost of room, board, and the Recovery Ventures program itself. A few months of work in exchange for a lifetime of joy and freedom from addiction, we think, is a small price to pay for the help we give in return. 

During your time at Recovery Ventures, all your needs will be met. Everything that you need will be provided for you by our organization including food, clothing, entertainment, travel, activities, parties, meetings, family events, one-on-one therapy, life skills assistance, job training, and therapeutic groups. 

At Recovery Ventures, we take the health and safety of our associates very seriously. If you or someone you love is concerned about the health and wellbeing of one or all of our associates, we encourage you to voice those concerns directly to a member of our staff or program director. We are never too busy to address the You can reach a Recovery Ventures staff member any time, day or night, by calling 828-686-0354

Addiction Treatment in North Carolina

Recovery Ventures is a self-supporting, 501c(3) charitable organization as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. While the majority of our daily operational and administrative expenses are paid through the work all associates perform for our contract employers, any additional needs are met through tax deductible donations that we receive.

At Recovery Ventures, we rely on members of our local recovery community for support, feedback, volunteers, and donations.  

If you would like more information about all the ways to become part of the Recovery Ventures community, please email us at

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Recovery Ventures Corporation is entirely self-supporting. By this we mean that to the daily operation and the generation of operational income that puts the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs, the electricity, water and heat in our facilities, and keeps our doors open for others seeking recovery and a better way of life. In the “real world” each day involves getting out of bed, fixing meals, going to work, keeping the house clean, taking care of the younger ones (new associates), washing dishes, cutting the grass, meeting with friends, paying the bills, doing the homework and leisure activities. In the Recovery Ventures “World”, it works very much the same way with each individual paying his/her part to make it work.

Our Services

Primary Clinical Groups

Recovery Ventures has a wide array of clinical services available to all associates in the program. There are mandatory clinical groups 4-5 nights a week, along with several other specialty groups available to those interested. Individual counseling with any of our licensed/certified clinical staff is also available.

Other Clinical Groups

Recovery Phases

Common Contributing
Factors of Addiction


Past experiences leading to mental trauma may be the source of an addiction.


These are factors such as mental illness, divorce or drug/alcohol abuse.


Genetic factors may play a contributing role in the cause of drug and alcohol addiction.


Sometimes challenging medical conditions may kickstart drug and alcohol abuse.

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

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We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

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Website Developed By Ehlen Analytics © 2023 Recovery Ventures Corporation, All rights reserved. | Sitemap