The last phase is aftercare. In this phase, associates begin to transition back into society as productive citizens by securing gainful employment of their own while maintaining interaction with the core of the program.

The transition phase is the first phase of our program and usually lasts between 45 to 60 days. During this phase, you become familiar with your surroundings and the structure of the program. You also learn the rules, policies, and procedures of our program.

Following the transition phase, you are beginning to understand the program and the direction you are headed in your personal recovery. During this phase, you receive a larger role in personal responsibility and accountability. You have the opportunity to earn privileges, with a more active role in assisting newer residents. An initial treatment plan is established based on your input and issues that have surfaced.

The leadership phase is the first major step up in the program, typically this lasts about six months.

Your personal development of responsibilities and accountability continues in the enrichment phase. This phase also lasts about 6 months.